A School of Medicine to achieve Naonal and Internaonal eminence in graduate, postgraduate and connuing medical educaon; research, bioethics and community health services.


Educate medical students, sciensts, health care professionals and public. Conduct research and provide paent centered holisc ethical care to prevent, diagnose and treat human illnesses with emphasis on developing skills and habits of lifelong learning and producing world class leaders in the field of medicine.

Further improve the health of community by seng standards of excellence in medical educaon, research and paent care.

Core Values:

The values will serve as the basis for Northwest School of Medicine's efforts to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision for the future in teaching, research, clinical pracce and service. The core values of the Northwest School of Medicine are:

  1. Commitment to our mission and strong, confident belief in our work.
  2. Excellence and integrity in teaching, research and service.
  3. Striving to maintain the highest ethical standards and accept accountability for all we do and say.
  4. Leadership in medical educaon and health care, especially for the economically disadvantaged.
  5. Commitment to serve our community, the naon and world through public health programs, medical care, and health educaon.
  6. Unrelenng pursuit of knowledge through research and life-long learning.
  7. Commitment to cultural diversity among faculty, staff and students.

Goals and Objectives:

The academic program leading to the M.B.B.S from the Northwest School of Medicine is structured to produce leaders in the field of medicine who are knowledgeable of the principles of modern science, and who have mastered the art of critical thinking in clinical decision-making process in order to engage in the practice of medicine as competent professionals. The graduates of this program are expected to exhibit compassion and professional attitudes and conducts. They are expected to be self-directed, committed and life-long learners who adhere to ethical standards of behavior and serve diverse populations.


North West School of Medicine has the following accreditations:


  1. Ministry of National Health Services Regulations & Coordination Government of Pakistan
  2. College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan Excellence in Higher Medical Education
  3. Pakistan Medical Commission
  4. Khyber Medical University
  5. Higher Education Regulatory Authority Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  6. Postgraduate Medical Institute, Peshawar


  1. World Federation For Medical Education
  2. Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates
  3. World Health Organization