Examination and Assessment

Examination and Assessment

Examination and Assessment:

In the whole academic year, the student is assessed continuously through the following stages:

  • Modular Exam:

    It is a formative assessment and held at the end of each module. The result is shared with DME for record and with students for constructive feedback.

  • Block Exam:

    It is a summative assessment and held at the culmination of all the specified modules for each block. It is at school level, conducted as per KMU pattern and result is shared with students, their parents and the record is maintained by DME. The aggregated score of all the three blocks is recorded and it contributes to the overall internal assessment of the students.

  • Pre-Professional Exam:

    This exam is at the end of academic session, in all the prescribed syllabus for that particular academic session to evaluate the student before the KMU annual examination. It is a replica of KMU annual examination, in all respects. Those students who do not perform well or failed in Pre-Professional Examination, are not allowed to appear in their respective annual examination.

  • Annual Examination:

    This is the final examination held by KMU where the successful students are promoted to the next class and failures are retained in the same class No student shall be eligible for university examination without having attended cumulative 75% of the total lectures for each subject in that particular integrated module, demonstrations, tutorials and practical or clinical work, both in-patients and outpatients of the full year of the class, respectively. A student can be stopped by the NWSM authorities from appearing in the University examination on account of poor academic performance during the respective academic year or failure to pass the pre prof examination conducted by the NWSM.

  • Internal Assessment:

    Continuous internal assessment of students in all subjects shall be done by the respective departments. A proper record of the internal assessment shall be maintained and reckoned in the professional examination. The scores obtained in the internal assessment shall contribute to the university examination of the candidate in accordance with the rules of the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) and Khyber Medical University (KMU).