Mission & Vision

Chairman’s Message

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tariq Khan

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome our first batch to Northwest School of Medicine. We are a newly established dynamic and forward looking Medical institution of AHL, committed to become a centre of excellence in medical teaching and research. Our first project, Northwest General Hospital has an outstanding reputation as a hospital providing medical treatment and training of international standards to internees and postgraduate trainees.

Choosing where to continue your education is a major decision and I believe that Northwest School of Medicine will be a choice you will not regret, especially if you are ambitious and determined to succeed.

As a project of AHL, Northwest School of Medicine is a state of art medical school with purpose built campus having all the latest teaching and training facilities. Northwest will give all the support and encouragement you need to achieve the success you deserve and to create the future you want for yourself. We value every individual in our care and it is our aim to provide the possible environment in which students can succeed.

Our mission is not only to produce good doctors but to produce good leaders in medicine, good human beings with a feeling of compassion and social service. We keep the students abreast with the latest development in clinical and basic medical sciences through workshops, seminars and conferences arranged by the Department of Medical Education.

We are fortunate to have an experienced, highly committed, dedicated faculty and support staff to ensure the learning environment for our students. We seek to instill in our students a passion for learning that will bring the knowledge and understanding they will need to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work. We encourage high academic standards and have high expectation of personal discipline and motivation from our students.

We follow a curriculum based on integrated and inter-disciplinary teaching of basic sciences and clinical medicine. We emphasize on hands-on training in clinical skills for which we have established a full-fledged and fully equipped Clinical Skills Lab.

Wishing you best of luck in your future careers.

Principal’s Message

Prof. Dr. Saeed Ullah

As the founding principal of Northwest School of Medicine (NWSM), it is a matter of great honor for me to address you.

The improvement of health care system in any community depends, to a great extent, on the quality of Medical Education. We have a growing demand for quality doctors in Pakistan and especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). The Public Sector Medical Colleges have been unable to meet that demand. As a result, several private medical institutions have been established in KP in the last decade. We feel that the general standard of medical education, both in public and private sectors, in KP, and all over Pakistan, is lagging far behind international institutes. Our dream has been the establishment of a medical institution in this province, which would be second to none in the whole country.

The establishment of NWSM is the realization of that dream. We have been working hard in the last few years towards the fulfillment of that dream. However, this is only the first step of a long journey. We have a very efficient and dedicated medical faculty. The corner stone of our policy at NWSM will be merit. Our aim is to built the best institution possible as per our legacy. Towards the achievement of this goal, apart from the blessings of Allah Almighty, we will need hard work from our students and cooperation of their parents.

Medical education has evolved tremendously in the last few years and the corner stone for development of any medical institution is a properly staffed, dedicated, and efficient Department of Medical Education (DME). In NWSM we have one of the best DME in the country. Our DME has been working full me in the last one year to develop the curriculum and to train our medical faculty in the latest methods of medical teaching and assessment.

In the end, I would like to congratulate you on your decision to choose NWSM to pursue your medical career. May Allah Almighty help us in achievement of all our goals.


School of Medicine to achieve national and international eminence in graduate, postgraduate and continuing medical education, research, leadership, bioethics and community health, services.


Educate medical students as scientists, healthcare professionals to conduct high quality biomedical research and practice evidence based medicine and provide patient centered holistic ethical care to prevent, diagnose and treat human illness with emphasis on developing skills, habits of life long learner and producing world class leaders in the field of medicine. To further improve the health of community by setting standards of excellence in medical education, research and patient care.


Upon completion of the program, the graduates shall be able to Program Outcomes:

Students shall be able to

  1. Understand, correlate and apply theoretical foundations of knowledge to the clinical practice.
  2. Analyze the problem, make clinical decision for diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment and management plan.
  3. The graduate will be able to deliver and conduct research pertains to updated knowledge and skills efficiently.
  4. Communicate effectively with all stakeholders and present his research abstract in symposia and conferences at National and International level. Conduct, analyze and interpret the research findings independently.
  5. Work as team member in providing health services nationally and internationally.
  6. Consistently Perform ethical and medico legal practices
  7. Grow them in the market and remain updated to the professional research demand of the province, country and abroad.

Core Values:

The values will serve as the basis for Northwest School of Medicine's efforts to fulfill its mission and achieve its vision for the future in teaching, research, clinical practice and service. The core values of the Northwest School of Medicine are:

  1. Commitment to our mission and strong, confident belief in our work.
  2. Excellence and integrity in teaching, research and service.
  3. Striving to maintain the highest ethical standards and accept accountability for all we do and say.
  4. Leadership in medical education and health care, especially for the economically disadvantaged.
  5. Commitment to serve our community, the naon and world through public health programs, medical care, and health education.
  6. Unrelenting pursuit of knowledge through research and life-long learning.
  7. Commitment to cultural diversity among faculty, staff and students.

Goals and Objectives:

The academic program leading to the M.B.B.S from the Northwest School of Medicine is structured to produce leaders in the field of medicine who are knowledgeable of the principles of modern science, and who have mastered the art of critical thinking in clinical decision-making process in order to engage in the practice of medicine as competent professionals. The graduates of this program are expected to exhibit compassion and professional attitudes and conducts. They are expected to be self-directed, committed and life-long learners who adhere to ethical standards of behavior and serve diverse populations.