Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


  1. These regulations shall be called “Medical Colleges Hostel Admission, Residence and Financial Rules”.
  2. These shall come into force at once.


In these regulaons, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the meanings assigned to them. These are:

  1. Hostel means Boys Hostel and Girls Hostel.
  2. Hostel Administration means Chief Provost, Provosts, Assistant provost, Wardens & House keeper of Hostel.
  3. Principal means The Principal of the Medical school.
  4. Warden means any officer or member of the teaching/non teaching staff, appointed by the Principal.
  5. Boarder means a regular student of the medical school, allowed under these rules to reside in the hostel.
  6. Employees of the hostel means Hostel Superintendent, Clerks, Bearers, Cooks, Sweepers, and other persons employeed in the hostels.
  7. Hostel Authority means Authority of the medical school.
  8. Hostel regulaons means regulation enumerated herein after.


  1. Each hostel shall have one provost who is a senior member of teaching staff appointed by the Principal with the recommendation of the Chief Provost of the concerned medical school.
  2. He/She will be responsible for the overall supervision of the concerned hostel.
  3. He/She will chair the meeng of Assistant Provost/Warden and Superintendent/House Keeper of the hostel on the request of Assistant Provost/Warden of a hostel in case of emergency of any unforeseen happening.


  1. Shall be directly under the control of the hostel administration that and look aer hostel affairs.
  2. In all matters requiring approval, attention, or advice of the College administration, relang to discipline or change of condions in the hostel, or any deficiency, shall inform/report to the Assistant Provost Office.
  3. Shall make the admission of the students on the prescribed form and will maintain complete record of the students and issues hostel leaving cerficate to a resident student aer clearance.
  4. In consultaon with the Assistant Provost, will report all cases of indiscipline or breach of regulaons and orders relang to hostel affairs to the Chief Provost.
  5. Shall supervise the acvies of washerman, tuck shop and mess contractors and ensure payment of dues by them to the account branch before 10th of each month
  6. Will not stay out of hostel during night without prior permission of Assistant Provost or Principal, as the case may be.
  7. Will be responsible for the safety of hostel property for which he/she shall maintain complete record and also maintain accounts record which will be checked annually by the Accounts Officer and by the Physical Verificaon Commiee of the medical school. He/She will be held personally responsible for any damage or loss sustained to the hostel Property.


  1. To maintain all sorts of account books, stock register etc.
  2. To help the Superintendent/House Keeper of the hostel and perform all sorts of clerical work.
  3. To perform any other duty assigned by the hostel administraon.


Hostel Security staff will keep liaison with Security Officer of the concerned college for all maers concerning to Security.


  1. Accommodation in the hostels is a privilege and cannot be claimed as a right. Accommodation being limited in the hostels may not be provided to all the applicants.
  2. Only those students, who are on the roll of the medical school, may be allowed admission in the hostel.
  3. Accommodation in the hostels is to be provided on merit cum seniority basis.
  4. Students having accommodaon (personal, or official) within a radius of 20 kilometers of the district where the college is located will not be eligible for hostel accommodation.
  5. Students seeking hostel accommodation are required to apply on the prescribed hostel admission form. Students shall submit duly completed forms along with three passport size photos affixed on the hostel admission form and a copy of the DMC of the last exam passed. The forms aer necessary scruny will then be forwarded to the office of the Assistant Provost.
  6. The Provost will prepare a merit list of the applicants aer necessary scruny of the admission forms. Allotment of hostel rooms will then be done by the hostel admission commiee. Handing over/possession may take me depending upon the me required to complete the process of shiing vacaon of room by exroom holders.
  7. Students will not be allowed to stay in hostel once they appear in the Final Professional MBBS examination. However, the failed students who will appear in the supplementary examinaon may formally request for allotment of seat in hostel; the seat may be alloed subject to availability of accommodaon and on payment of extra hostel dues and other charges as per rules.
  8. The Provost has the right to refuse admission in the hostel to a student whose past record in the hostel is not satisfactory.
  9. A student who gets admission in the hostel shall occupy his/her room within 7 days. A student who fails to turn up within this period will forfeit his right of admission.
  10. Students are required to deposit hostel dues in advance at the beginning of each session failing which their rooms shall be cancelled. Failed students are also required to deposit hostel dues in advance


Hostel disciplinary commiee will comprise of:

  1. Provost
  2. Security Officer of the college
  3. Wardens

This commiee will be responsible for:

  1. Carrying out enquiry in disciplinary cases in the hostels.
  2. The hostel discipline committee will decide the cases according to hostel conduct and discipline regulations.
  3. Forwarding the cases needing severe penales (such as imposion of a fine of more than Rs.10,000 and or expulsion/ruscaon from the medical school) to the disciplinary committee
  4. Any other maer dealing with law and order in the hostels.


  1. No student will be allowed to change the room once alloed to him/her except with prior permission of the warden.
  2. No student will be allowed to keep extra furniture in the hostel.
  3. No student will be allowed to change hostel except with permission of the Chief Provost.
  4. Resident students may be allowed to leave the hostel but only aer payment of all outstanding dues.
  5. Private food arrangement within the rooms is not allowed. No resident will overstay beyond authorized period of academic session. In case of overstay of final year student, he/she will have to pay full proporonal hostel charges such as electricity, room rent, gas charges and other hostel charges etc.
  6. Resident students are not allowed to use heaters, air coolers and air condioners in their rooms. Any violaon will lead to imposion of fine, recovery of charges incurred and confiscaon of the forbidden item.
  7. Resident students are not allowed to participate in any polical activity
  8. Resident students are not allowed to invite any political figure, scholar or any individual, for any speech,lecture or sermon or other activities.
  9. Entry of females into boys' hostels and vice versa, is strictly prohibited.
  10. Resident students cannot entertain their guests for a night stay without the prior permission of the Warden. The Warden may allow the guests of a Resident to stay for a maximum of two days. However no underage guest is allowed to stay in the hostel. Any violation would make the student liable to disciplinary action.
  11. Resident students are not allowed to keep any valuables, arms, intoxicants, drugs, rods or daggers, and harmful materials etc in the hostel. Any violation of this rule will result in serious disciplinary proceedings and may lead to imposition of heavy fines and expulsion from the hostel as well as college rolls.


  1. Violation of hostel rules or disobeying the orders of the hostel administration. A fine of up to Rs. 10,000/- as well as expulsion from the hostel.
  2. Keeping non- residents without prior permission. First me a fine of up to Rs. 10,000/- Second me a fine of up to Rs. 30,000/- Third me expulsion from the hostel.
  3. Keeping arms, explosives, intoxicants, drugs or any material alike. Fine up to a maximum of Rs. 20,000 and/or expulsion from the hostel and may also lead to expulsion from hostel as well as college roll.
  4. Indulgence or parcipaon in polical, regional, ethnic, caste, or sectarian based acvies. Fine up to a maximum of Rs. 20,000 and/or expulsion from the hostel.
  5. Causing disturbance in the hostel by playing loud music, using firecrackers, or by any other means. Fine up to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/-.
  6. Playing games in the hostel corridors or lawns. Fine up to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/
  7. Sleeping in the prayer hall, common room or study room. Fine up to a maximum of Rs. 5,000/
  8. Misbehavior with hostel staff, hostel administraon or other fellow students. Fine up to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- may also lead to expulsion from hostel as well as college roll.
  9. Pasng posters/noces, wall chalking etc. without prior permission of the hostel Warden. Fine up to a maximum of Rs. 5000/- and/or expulsion from the hostel.
  10. Damage/the or misuse of hostel property. Recovery of loss and fine up to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- and/or expulsion from the hostel.
  11. Subletting of the hostel seat or room to outsiders. Expulsion from the hostel and a fine of Rs. 10,000/- .
  12. Willful absence from the hostel. First me fine of Rs. 5,000/- . Second me fine of Rs. 10,000/- Subsequently expulsion from the hostel.