Northwest School of Medicine Library is a New Library 5000 Sqft, Standardized size (According to the PM & DC, & International Level) at Peshawar is now one of the well-organized academic libraries in Pakistan. It is located in the third floor of Northwest School of Medicine Administration block. It divided 3 main Section, 1st is contain E-Library Section, 2nd is contains Reference Section while 3rd is contain General Section. There are more than 200 seating area for the readers. Library has facilitated students, faculty and researchers in their studies, teaching & research. It provides an attractive collection of books, journals & reference material. The library has promoted inquiry & critical thinking by providing access to the information resources with the information according to the needs of students & faculty. The library is a central part of the Academic Institutes & it provides educational resources to support the college work and mainly serve the faculty & students of the Medical College. Its collection comprises of books, professional journals/ periodicals, newspaper clippings & digital databases. The library is with books, medical journals, magazines, access to electronic/ digital libraries & other materials on various subjects of interest. The books have been classified using Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. The effective practices of acquisition, organization & dissemination of information have been highly valuable in extension of services to the readers. The library adds new titles & updates its collection regularly to enhance student’s education & to make available the latest resource material for faculty members.

The e-library has an extensive collection of CDs/ DVDs & audio-visual. Registered library members may search library catalogue, Higher Education Commission (HEC) Islamabad digital library, e-books on LAN (Local area network) using library software Management Information System (MIS).


The Northwest School of Medicine Library is committed to serve the region by providing:

  1. Its mission is to provide the latest & most relevant knowledge Medical, available together with helpful, friendly service. Users include teachers, students, & researchers.
  2. Health Education & Training to health professionals while inculcating in them the ethics & values of professional modes of practice.
  3. Standard Healthcare Services through state of the art diagnostic facilities & treatment of the highest possible standard in a comfortable, caring and safe environment.
  4. A variety of information resources to users in all formats (Print/Electronic).
  5. By a culture that values information for higher education.
  6. Access to external information through consortia, networks, the Intranet, & the World Wide Web.
  7. Quality services to the Students, faculty members and Researchers.
  8. Service-oriented, experienced information.
  9. User-friendly systems and services in a friendly environment.
  10. An invitation to explore, learn, & gain knowledge.
  11. To Build & strength Research culture.


To be the premiere healthcare provider of the region, focusing on provision of: 

  1. Provide the latest & most relevant knowledge of Medical.
  2. Health Education & Training.
  3. Standard Healthcare Services.
  4. To make library resources available online through Intranet.


The main aims of Northwest School of Medicine Library are:

  1. To provide the Right Information
  2. To the Right User.
  3. At the Right Time.


  1. Personals handbags, books issued form the library are not allowed to bring in the library & must be kept outside at circulation desk in belongings shelves.
  2. Personals belongings like Mobile, Laptop etc. should be kept secured at all time, in case of theft the library staff will be not responsible.
  3. Use of the mobile phone for call is not allowed in the library.
  4. Books are lent in good condition. It will be inspected on return, if the pages are missing; marked or underlined it will not be accepted. The borrower will be charged double cost of the book.
  5. Sitting on study desk/tables is strictly prohibited.
  6. Eating, drinking & smoking are prohibited in the library premises.
  7. Faculty/Students are allowed to issue a maximum of 03 books at a time from the library.
  8. General books will be issued for 07 days only, renewal or the reissue of the books cannot be claimed as a right.
  9. Reference books, medical journals, newspapers etc. will not be issued except for photocopying purposes.
  10. Faculty/Students must bring their library membership card at the time of issuing and returning books.
  11. Faculty/Students are not allowed to issue book on the name of other student or staff members.
  12. Faculty/Students are not allowed to take any book from the library for their class lectures.
  13. Complete silence must be observed within the library. All Faculty/Students are advised to avoid discussion on any matter, political or friendly in the library to prevent inconvenience to other fellows.
  14. Please do not reshelf books.
  15. A computer is provided in library for CDs use. Faculty/Students are not allowed to use their own CDs or flash drives without the permission of computer lab incharge.
  16. All books and other non-books materials (NBM) available in library should be used with care, since the replacement is very difficult due to high cost.
  17. Mutilation of the library material & any violation of these rules will have serious disciplinary action.


  1. Library Administration Services.
  2. Circulation Services.
  3. Technical Services.
  4. Reader Advisory Services.