MBBS Program

MBBS Programme


The course of studies for MBBS is five academic years. The duration of the academic session, distribution of subjects, and hours will be in accordance with the PM&DC guidelines (Revised PM&DC Syllabus 2011). www.pmdc.org.pk/LinkClick.aspx?filecket=EKfBIOSDTkE%3D


This is in accordance with the PM&DC guidelines and will be conducted by KMU. The scheme of Professional MBBS examinations is based on PM&DC notification No.30/Msc/Council-2013/264557 dated May 19, 2013, tled “CONDITION FOR ADMISSION IN MBBS/BDS COURSES AND CONDITION FOR HOUSE JOB/INTERNSHIP/FOUNDATION YEAR REGULATIONS 2013”.


Allocated marks for all subjects are equally divided between theory paper and oral & practical/clinical examinations however, ten percent marks from each part of examination are reserved for internal evaluation.

First Professional MBBS Examinaon:

To be held at the end of the 1st year in the following subjects:

  • AnatomyTotal 200 Marks
  • PhysiologyTotal 200 Marks
  • BiochemistryTotal 200 Marks
Second Professional MBBS Examinaon:

To be held at the end of the 2nd year in the following subjects:

  • AnatomyTotal 200 Marks
  • PhysiologyTotal 200 Marks
  • BiochemistryTotal 200 Marks
  • Islamic and Pakistan Studies*Total 200 Marks
Third Professional MBBS Examinaon:

To be held at the end of the 3rd year in the following subjects:

  • Pharmacology & TherapeucsTotal 300 Marks
  • General pathology & microbiologyTotal 300 Marks
  • Forensic MedicineTotal 200 Marks
Fourth Professional MBBS Examinaon:

To be held at the end of the 4th year in the following subjects:

  • Community MedicineTotal 300 Marks
  • Special pathologyTotal 300 Marks
  • Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)Total 200 Marks
  • OphthalmologyTotal 200 Marks
Fifth Professional MBBS Examinaon:

To be held at the end of the 5th year in the following subjects:

  • Medicine including Psychiatry & DermatologyTotal 600 Marks
  • Surgery including Orthopaedics & AnaesthesiaTotal 600 Marks
  • Obstetrics &GynaecologyTotal 400 Marks
  • Paediatrics Total 200 Marks

The curriculum deigned for MBBS at NWSM is based on PM & DC guidelines and structured to produce leaders in the field of medicine. The curriculum is aimed at professionalism and medical ethics by applicaon of knowledge and skills atude through an integrated modular approach. The focus of the program is to produce competent self-directed, commied and life-long learners who will be able to serve community, the naon and the world.

Internal Assessment.

Continuous internal assessment of students in all subjects shall be done by respecve departments. A proper record of the internal assessment shall be maintained and reckoned in the professional examinaon. The scores obtained in the internal assessment shall contribute to the university (professional) examinaon of the candidate in accordance with the rules of the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC).

A student shall be eligible to appear in a professional examinaon if he/she fulfills the following condions:-

  1. has undergone the specified period of theoretical and practical courses and clinical training including demon-stra ons for the said examina on to the sa sfac on of the department concerned.
  2. no student shall be eligible for university examina on without having a ended cumula ve 75% of the total of lectures, demonstra ons, tutorials and prac cal or clinical work, both in-pa ents and outpa ents of the full year of the class, respec vely. Extra coaching classes shall not carry any a endance weight-age. Cumula ve a endance of the respec ve subject, classes etc. shall be counted towards final a endance.
  3. a student can be stopped by the NWSM authori es from appearing in the University examina on on account of poor academic performance during the respec ve academic year or failure to pass the sent-up examina on conducted by the NWSM.
  4. has cleared all the medical subjects of the previous professional examina ons, if any.
  5. has sa sfactorily undergone the prescribed courses in theory, prac cal and clinical work extending over a period of four years a er passing first professional MBBS examina on before appearing in Final Professional exam.
  6. has his/her name submi ed to the Controller of Examina on by the Principal on clearance by the Head of Dep-artment/teacher concerned.
  7. has paid the requisite fees for the examina on of university to NWMS and cleared all the College/hostel dues (including fines, library books and borrowed teaching materials, etc.) as described on the Annual clearance form available with the Student Affairs Office.
  8. the minimum passing marks in each subject shall be 50% in theory and prac cal examina ons separately.A student who fails in theory or in prac cal examina on of a subject shall be considered to have failed in full subject, both theory and prac cal as prescribed by the academic council.
  9. any student who failed/detained in a professional examina on, both in annual and supplementary in any subject shall not be promoted to the next class. He/she shall undergo the course of studies in the subject(s) in which he/she failed/detained. There will be no provisional promo on in such cases. He/She will have to pay the ful tui on fee for that year.
  10. a student, who fails in one or more subjects, shall reappear in the subjects in which he/she has failed.
  11. a student who reappears in any professional examina on shall pay requisite fee for the examina on.
  12. a student who is eligible to appear in the examina on but did not take examina on for whatever reason shall be considered to have failed.
  13. only two examina ons, one Annual and one Supplementary are allowed in one academic year. No third or ext-ra supplementary examina on is permi ed.
  14. a student who has passed his/her final MBBS examina on shall be en tled to the degree of Bachelor of Medi-cine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) provided he/she has conformed to the requirements of PM&DC and KMU which may be enforced from me to me.
  15. any student who fails to clear the 1st and 2nd Professional MBBS examina ons in four chances availed or un-availed a er becoming eligible for the examina on shall cease to become eligible for further medical educa on in Pakistan. Ineligibility due to shortage of a endance shall not affect the applica on of this clause.
  16. a student who fails in any subject(s) will not be promoted to the next higher class and shall be required to a -end the lectures and prac cal courses regularly with the subsequent class a er declara on of the supplementary result.
  17. a student who discon nued his/her studies for a period of five years will not be allowed for readmission in the College. As the validity for any examina on at interna onal level is three years he/she has to retake the last professional examina on. However during the absence period he/she has to fulfill the requirements of training of those years in which he/ she le the classes.